Premisin Bhatagaon Chowk

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Office Space in Kamal Vihar, Raipur

Property Type

Property Type

Co-working Space


Cabins/Seats/Meeting Rooms
Work Space Area

Work Space Area

10,000 sq.ft
Options & Pricing
Starting From

Workstation / Fixed Desk 4000 /month

Private Cabin 15000 /month

Meeting Room 800 /month

Virtual Office 1800 /month

Practically Designed
Practically Designed
Meeting Room
Meeting Room

500 mtr


13 km

Railway Station

5 km

Shopping Mall

4 km


500 mtr


200 mtr

Premisin - Bhatagaon Chowk

Premisin Bhatagaon offers a premier coworking space designed to meet the needs of professionals and entrepreneurs. Located in a thriving commercial area, this coworking space provides a vibrant and inspiring work environment. With well-designed workstations, comfortable seating, and high-speed internet, it caters to individuals and teams seeking a productive workspace. The space also features modern meeting rooms, event spaces, and breakout areas, fostering collaboration and creativity. The supportive community within Premisin Bhatagaon encourages networking, knowledge-sharing, and business growth. Whether working on projects, attending events, or seeking new opportunities, this coworking space offers a dynamic and professional ecosystem for success.

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A Feature Rich Premises
Ready-to-use workstations and comfortable furniture make fully furnished office spaces convenient and efficient for businesses.
The power backup facility ensures uninterrupted productivity by providing backup power supply during electricity outages or disruptions.
Air-conditioned office spaces provide a comfortable working environment, ensuring optimal temperature control for increased productivity and employee well-being.
The conference room provides a dedicated space for meetings, presentations, and discussions, fostering productivity and effective communication.
The internet ensures fast and reliable connectivity, enabling seamless communication, online research, and efficient workflow for businesses.
Cabin spaces in an office provide private and enclosed areas for individuals or small teams, offering a quiet and focused work environment.
Storage spaces in an office provide a convenient solution for organizing and storing files, documents, equipment, and other essentials, ensuring a clutter-free workspace.
The printing facility offers easy access to printing, copying, and scanning services, facilitating efficient document management and workflow.
The housekeeping facility in ensures cleanliness, maintenance, and a well-organized environment, creating a pleasant and professional atmosphere for employees and clients.
The pantry facility in an office space provides a dedicated space for employees to relax, grab refreshments, and socialize during breaks, fostering a positive work environment.
The parking facility in an office space offers convenient and secure parking options for employees and visitors, ensuring easy accessibility and peace of mind.
The gated security in an office space provides controlled access, ensuring the safety and security of employees, assets, and confidential information.
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