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Why Choose Premisin?

For our growing community, Premisin has curated resources and offerings. It's not just about space, but it's about a place where all your specifications and provisions are taken into account. For any start-ups and individuals, we will develop universal and affordable plans so, they can work, communicate and connect. By providing you with a large number of services and making your work easy and accessible, we benefit your business.

01Practically Designed
Practically Designed

smartly build to carry out the smart ideas embedded in you.


Completely air-conditioned space with regular maintenance.

03Meeting Room
Meeting Room

Access to fully equipped meeting rooms.


Max reach and connectivity to help you reach heights.

05Training Room
Training Room

Well-equipped rooms for training purposes.

06Power Back-Up
Power Back-Up

Uninterrupted access to ensure the continuity of workflow.

07Concierge Services
Concierge Services

Just in case you need any help or face any differently.

08Access To Community
Access To Community

Create and collaborate to boost your terms.

09Business Address
Business Address

For those who may or may not need co-working space but need a business address.

10Premium Cabin Spaces
Premium Cabin Spaces

Comfortable private cabins for minimum distractions and maximum output.

11Cabin Cupboard
Cabin Cupboard

Enough cupboard spaces to keep your things managed, safe and arranged.

12Video Conferencing
Video Conferencing

Whether you need to connect to a distant client, you can opt for a video conferencing facility.


Common Printer access to ease your work.


Proper manegement of daily chores to keep the office clean.


Because everyone deserves a recharge sessions for mental strain.

16Parking Space
Parking Space

Ample parking spaces to lessen your day to day hassles.

17Gated Security
Gated Security

Keeping the high need of security in mind, ours is a secured premise with 24x7 CCTV surveillance.

1809 AM To 09 PM
09 AM To 09 PM

Flexible hours so that you don’t have to worry about deadlines and commitments.


Help you stay connected with your co-workers, clients and concierge services.

20Ready To Move
Ready To Move

Ease in booking without any second thoughts so that you can come and start your work anytime.

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