Premisin Co-working Space

About us


Collaborative workspaces designed for those for whom work is a joy. Ideal for goal-oriented Start-Ups, creative bugs, emerging entrepreneurs and business houses. Spaces designed to keep the spirits high and full of energy & positive vibes with modern-day amenities and state of the art infrastructure.

Finding a budget-friendly office space in progressive urban areas is a tough job. Many a times it delays or discourages young entrepreneurs in taking their business to the next level. So here is PREMISIN for an inspiring, affordable and cost effective functioning of your enterprise.


Tangible Solutions for the Global Community

Premisin envisions a community committed to excelling, collaborating and innovating under one roof, recreating and nurturing ideas for a great fortune. Fostering these vibrant, gregarious and collaborative communities is what we aim at.


If you have ideas for making the world a better place and earn a good fortune for yourself – Premisin is a place to make that happen. What we offer you is a bright, cool and inspiring place to sit down and translate those ideas into reality and transform yourself from a small entrepreneur to a big enterprise. And we’ll manage all the necessary logistics, so you only focus on your work and nothing else. Electricity, security, maintenance, cleanliness, connectivity; everything shall be handled by us while you just come, work and leave without any logistical stress on your mind.

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